The Super Touch



Tech specs

  • True pressure detection

    Multi-Touch: touch detection with more than 10 contacts points
    Pressure detection: intensity of multiple contacts without software tricks

  • Optical clarity

    Enhanced optical: Not using ITO grid as conventional touch an increase of the optical clarity is obtained

  • Flexibility and curve

    Rollable displays can have a robust touch screen
    Non conventional surfaces can be easily sensorized

  • Low cost and low power

    Not using ITO and thanks to the enhanced optical clarity the display can work with reduced power consumption
    Low cost technology

  • Rugged design

    The touch layer is rugged and can bear high pressure loads

  • Agnostic to touch input


  • Electromagnetic noise immunity

    Not susceptible to EM noise:
    it's ideal for industrial and medical application

  • Thinner and lighter touch screen

    Compared to capacitive touch screens, SEMplus touch
    is thinner and lighter


Alessandro Levi

Alessandro Levi

Co-founder & CEO

Alessandro is a electronic engineer with expertise in analog design and got his PhD in robotics, working on touch sensors with innovative design and new materials. He loves building new products that can have a disruptive impact and the technological challenges. He is driven to turn a idea into a product. He is currently heading Semplus fundraising, strategy and hardware manufacturing.

Matteo Piovanelli

Matteo Piovanelli

Co-founder & Director of Software

Matteo has an education in micro-fabrication processes, a PhD in robotics and a passion for the development and application of software solutions to tasks and problems. He is driven to get algorithms to work, and then to get them to work faster and better. He is a gamer and he is thinking of ways to use our technology in gaming and entertainment. Matteo is heading Semplus software division.

Silvano Furlan

Silvano Furlan

Co-founder & Director of Research

Silvano is a cocktail between an Italian engineer and a German rocket scientist. After his PhD in robotics, he spent 1 year as Post-doc in Cambridge at department of Physics. His expertises are in electronics, biomedical images reconstruction and he is currently heading SEMPLUS research efforts, linking together hardware and software. Silvano aims to push the touch interfaces beyond the state of the art.

steven mann

Randolph Chan

Co-founder & Advisor

Randolph has more than 25 years of experience at both start-up and Fortune 500 companies at the executive level. Recently he was a key advisor to Aquacue, a developer of wireless advanced water metering analytics, sold to Badger Meter (NYSE:BMI). Before that, he was CEO at Natrix Separations, which he successfully turned around, refinanced and handed to a new director and CEO. Earlier, Randolph was a Venture Partner at DE Shaw Venture Capital Group in Silicon Valley where he worked with Natrix Separations, Solaicx (NYSE:WFR), and Infinite Power Solutions. Previously, he was a vice president at E Ink Corporation and led the business and product development groups that introduced the first paper-like electronic display. Mr. Chan received his M.S. in Materials Science and Engineering from Stanford University and his B.S. in Chemistry from the University of California, Davis. He serves on the board of advisors of the materials science department at Stanford University’s School of Engineering and he is also a mentor at StartX, a community of the best start-up founders out of Stanford University.


  • SEMPLUS pitching at NYSE, New York, February 2014


Senior Electronic Engineer

SEM+ Corporation is looking for a senior electronic engineer for the development of prototypes, controllers and drivers for SEM+ touch products Particularly he/she will be working at a system level to integrate all the hardware functionalities necessary for the operation of the touch modules in different concepts while paying a central role between the software engineering team and customer product specifications during the planning and execution of the projects.

Embedded engineer

SEM+ Corporation is looking for a talented Silicon-Valley based firmware/driver developer to join his team in the development of algorithms for SEM+ proprietary pressure-sensitive multi touch products.The candidate should have prior experience in writing firmware, drivers and middleware. The position will entail both software design work and writing embedded code and drivers to construct functional and compelling prototype systems.

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